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Kiddie Corner Childcare was started  in 2000 based upon the belief that children prosper in a nurturing, clean, safe, relaxed, home style environment.

We believe young children learn through child centered, play based activities.We foster developmentally appropriate "exploration" and "experiencing" through familiar everyday family style surroundings.  Play leads to learning.  Through singing songs, listening to story time, dramatic play, art projects, Spanish language development, yoga and calm breathing along with mindfulness relaxation,  your child is developing language and vocabulary skills, as well as movement, calming impulse control and sensory motor skills.

At Kiddie Corner we encourage family involvement in program special events.  We work cooperatively with families and support positive, respectful interactions between families and staff.

Our program focuses on problem solving, decision making and self-help, while promoting interpersonal communica-tions.  These are key elements which contribute to the child’s development, socialization skills, self esteem and confidence.  We respect each child as an individual, and value their family's culture, beliefs, ideas, and diversity.

About Us